Ep290 - Eugene Ashe, Writer-Director ‘Sylvie’s Love’


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Eugene Ashe first entered the filmmaking business as a recording artist, where he landed on soundtracks for Free Willy and The Bronx Tale. While reading these scripts, and others, he started to see movies and television in a songwriitng sense. As a screenwriter, Ashe has credits for the documentary Home Again and films Homecoming and Sylvie’s Love. In the latest project, the story follows a young woman who meets an aspiring saxophonist in 1950s Harlem. In this interview, Ashe talks about making movies rooted in humanity rather than trauma, writing screenplays to music, his formula for making Indie films, how to change the energy in pre-production, and why creatives need tunnel vision to make work at the best of their capabilities. If it’s your first time listening, make sure to subscribe and visit my new website for information on the YouTube channel, the blog, this podcast, and my new book ‘Ink by the Barrel’ which takes advice from these 200+ interviews at the link below… Follow us on Instagram: @creativeprinciples If you enjoy the podcast, would you please consider leaving a short review on Apple Podcasts? It only takes about 60-seconds and it really helps convince some of the hard-to-get guests to sit down and have a chat (simply scroll to the bottom on your iTunes Podcast app and click “Write Review"). Enjoy the show!

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