Episode 74-Turning Business Conversations into Business


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We have spoken a lot on Counsel to Counsel about the importance of building business relationships. But we have not spent much time discussing how to turn those relationships into actual paying work.

In this episode, I am joined by Gary Johnson who understands a lot about selling legal services. We discuss a series of common hypothetical situations where there may be opportunities to generate business. Gary walks us through the process for identifying needs and doing so in a way that does not exert pressure on a client, prospective client, or referral source.

Gary Johnson is President of J2 Marketing Consultants. He helps attorneys get more profitable clients. Gary’s experience building strategies and applying proven techniques offers an effective way to help attorneys grow their practice by bringing in ideal clients. He provides the tools needed to focus his clients on building value when approaching prospective clients. Gary makes the process easy, and I can vouch for that.

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