Ep 13: Rebranded Athlete ft Dr. Sarah Lepe


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Cooldown Conversations sits down with CEO and Founder of Rebranded Athlete LLC, Dr. Sarah Lepe.

As a former Division 1 athlete, athletics played a tremendous role throughout her life and especially in pursuing her career goals. After the final whistle of her last game, little did she know what a challenge it would be to transition out of athletics and pursue her career.

She is passionate about helping athletes understand their potential and drive them towards their purpose as they make the transition out of athletics and become change leaders in the world.

In this episode we dive deep into her story, the challenges she overcame and what it really means to "transition" into our next chapter.

Get in touch:

Website: https://www.rebrandedathlete.com/

Instagram: @rebrandedathlete (https://www.instagram.com/rebrandedathlete/)

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