Episode 323: Ukraine War / Hunter Biden laptop / Florida Parental Rights bill


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Ron DeSantis signs the Parental Rights in Education bill

Well I’m finally back! We’ll see how the release schedule changes, but it’s good to get back on the saddle again.

Joe Biden was supposed to be the adult in the room when it came to being President, but it doesn’t look that way. In one of his worst gaffes, he seemed to call for regime change in Russia. That’s something the Left told us that Trump would do. (And to call it a gaffe seems to underplay it. Mispronouncing the name of a head of state is a gaffe. This was much worse.)

The NY Times finnaly admitted that the Hunter Biden laptop story was an actual story. Can the NY Post now share that 2-year-old story on Twitter without getting banned?

The Parental Rights in Education Act is now law in Florida. Its critics misnamed it, and they got the effect of the bill just as wrong. If you against this, what does that mean?

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Florida House passes controversial ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill

Desistance studies in children with Gender Dysphoria

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Show transcript

“We’re watching newsreels of World War II in 2022.” That’s how a CNN reporter described the scenes we’ve been watching in Ukraine. C’mon people! I have a hospital stay followed by physical rehab and this happens while I’m away? Can’t y’all behave for a few months? I feel like Rip VanWinkle, but I only slept through the winter.

We’ve had that and over $4 average gas prices, truckers who shut down Ottawa to protest vaccine mandates, a Supreme Court nominee that couldn’t give a definition for the word “woman”, Elon Musk buying more share of Twitter than anyone else, and we’ve had Will Smith giving Chris Rock the Slap Heard ‘Round the World at the Oscars.

Oh, and let’s not forget remarks by Joe Biden about Vladimir Putin.

[Joe Biden, remain in power audio]

Now, say what you want about what he really meant, people in the media, his own State Department, and other world leaders took it as calling for regime change. These kinds of things are what the Left said Donald Trump was going to do. Gaffes that Trump made might get us into World War III. Well, if Putin thinks our aim is to remove him from power, a world war could very well be next. Yup, Biden was supposed to be the adult in the room, but it seems not so much.

Two years after the NY Post broke the story, the NY Times finally got around to admitting that the Hunter Biden laptop story was, in fact, a story. And little by little, other media organizations, though just a few, started to admit the same thing.

Consider that it has been, again, over 2 years since the story broke in the NY Post. And, of course, over 2 years since Twitter punished them for breaking that story by shutting down their account until they deleted the tweet publicizing it. You see, we can’t have stories that reflect badly upon a Democrat presidential candidate, and certainly not without enough time before a presidential election for the media to agree on a cover story. Instead, get some of the largest mass communication networks on the planet to run interference for the Democrats and then bury the story until all but the political junkies even remember it.

Oh, and when you do decide to bring it up again, make sure not to apologize to those you slandered as peddling “Russian disinformation”. “But”, you might say, “50 top members of the intelligence community said it had all the hallmarks of Russian disinformation!” That’s true, which means that a group like that can be very wrong or might possibly have an agenda. Consider this next time letters like this are used as reasons to censor someone.

Conservatives have had their messages shut down for quite some time by Big Tech. Yes, yes, Twitter and Facebook are private companies and can set their own rules and apply them in a tilted fashion all they want. We’re told that if conservatives don’t like it, make your own. Some people did and created a Twitter-like system called Parler. And then Big Tech shut that down as well. They can make their own rules, but if you practice viewpoint discrimination, whether you’re a social media company or a major newspaper, don’t claim that free speech is one of your values.

They called it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Well, the critics did, and since it fit the narrative, so did the media. Instead, you almost never heard the actual title, the Parental Rights in Education bill. And their caricature of what the bill would do is about as inaccurate as their misnaming of it.

The bill would ban the discussion of gender identity and sexual orientation through 3rd grade. After that it required that those subjects be taught in an age-appropriate manner. Being against this bill, then, meant you were for teaching something that was already not taught in K-3, but you wanted to jump into the subject very early so you could indoctrinate children in your sexual orthodoxy. Somehow, though, maintaining the status quo on the discussion of sex at those early ages will now, magically, suddenly, “treat LGBTQ topics as taboo and brand our community as unfit for the classroom”, according to Amit Paley, CEO and executive director of The Trevor Project.

How is that possible? In an article in Parents magazine, it notes that only 24 states and DC have mandatory sex ed in public schools. Of those 24, it’s examples of programs in elementary school don’t suggest that kids in K-3 are getting anything like sexual orientation lessons. They have general health classes during those years, nothing sexual. So, there’s nothing that’s being taught right now that LGBTQ activists have to complain about

One video from a gay teacher said that he can’t tell his children about who he loves. Here’s a question; how many teachers told you about their love lives? I remember one teacher in middle school, and that only because her last name changed after she came back from vacation. Besides her, I couldn’t tell you anything about the love lives of my teachers. Now I’ll admit that that’s just me, and it’s been a few decades or so since I was a senior in high school, but from others I have heard talk about this I’m not alone. Again, we’re talking about subject matter that is not typical K-3 experience.

Normalizing and mainstreaming gender transition from the earliest age is the only reason I see for being against this law. Yet as soon as a child, who can’t even choose their bedtime, says they are of the opposite gender, some people want to pump them with chemicals and take scalpels to their bodies to let them have that choice. But consider this; on average, 80% of children change their minds and don’t continue as transgender going into adulthood.

No, this law lets kids be kids and waits to deal with sexual issue until they’re at least 10. Can we at least hold off until then?

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