Strategic Rest, Entrepreneur Insanity, and CLIENT LOVE-Season 1 Episode 08


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Can rest be used as a strategy for professional success? If rest and recovery time is essential to our fitness goals when we want to build and repair muscles in our physical bodies after times of intense exertion, then how much more could rest positively impact our professional goals when we are striving to achieve them? I share a Coaching Nugget about the Entrepreneurial “DJ Booth”. And of course, we’ve got some CLIENT LOVE…A great reminder of what’s possible for you, too!

Talking Points: Rest, Entrepreneur, Strategic, Career Transition, Career Change, Career Advancement, Success, Job Search, Entrepreneur, Business Launch, Startups, #InThisTogether, #NuggetsfromNicole, Nicole Dunbar, Congruence, Layoffs

Here’s what we will be covering today:

(00:00) - Intro
(01:53) - Strategic Rest
(6:04) – Entrepreneur Insanity
(10:46) – Coaching Nugget of the Week: The Entrepreneur DJ Booth
(16:05) – CLIENT LOVE: Tales from My Inbox
(19:01) – Got a Question About Career Transition?
(19:52) - So…Now What?

Resources From Today’s Episode!
Video: The Entrepreneur DJ Booth!

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