Ep 9: Daniel Kinahan known as the Pablo Escobar of boxing, discussed with Ewan MacKenna


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Award-winning sports journalist Ewan McKenna is the guest on Episode 9 of Chris Sweeney Talks To.
Ewan authored a 2018 article comparing Daniel Kinahan to Pablo Escobar.
Yet, very little notice was taken until the US government put a $5 million bounty on Kinahan's head in April 2022.
Ewan reveals that Kinahan is a billionaire with interests all across the globe, and why he became such a big player in the sport of boxing. He has been linked and seen with global stars, such as Tyson Fury and Billie Joe Saunders via management company MTK (which Kinahan co-founded).
The discussion touches on if Kinahan any worse that rogue Middle Eastern regimes buying football teams, and why do athletes/fans/TV companies seem not to care about Kinahan's involvement in top level boxing?
It's an interesting chat that also looks at how sport has changed and if there is more joy to be had in lower levels, that have no commercial value but have maintained their integrity.
Chris Sweeney is a feature writer and author. Follow him at @writes_sweeney

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