Ep 2: UFOs/UAPs exist and the world needs to wake up now says ICER expert


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Gary Heseltine is the Vice President of the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research (ICER) and features on Episode 2 of Chris Sweeney Talks To.
He discusses why 2021 was the biggest ever year for UFO/UAP, as the American government admitted they have no idea what certain flying crafts are, and how 2022 could be bigger.
International expert Gary goes on to discuss why he feels we’re on the cusp of “breaking the dam” when the stigma around UFOs is removed and the issue is taken seriously. He explains how the media can play their part changing perceptions.
In addition, Gary highlights his concerns of a mental health crisis the world could face, as millions of people struggle to grasp that another more advanced life forms exist. ICER offers free awareness courses to help the public understand the issue and current situation.
Chris Sweeney is a feature writer and author. Follow him at @writes_sweeney

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