Peace Through Prioritization


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I’m pretty sure that peace is one of those things that you could never have too much of! We could all use more peace in our lives, right?

Especially now as we’re going on month 9 of the Covid pandemic and quarantine, and things are looking worse for the next few weeks.

Prioritization may seem like a funny thing to talk about when so many of the things we enjoy in life are no longer possible or guaranteed. However, the skill of prioritization can be applied to mindset, thoughts and goals in the same way it can be applied to our time or activities. And by doing that, we can experience greater peace.

In this episode I share:

  • Why prioritization is key for experiencing peace in life & career
  • What we tend to do instead of practicing prioritization
  • How to know when prioritization is lacking, and ideas for implementing it in your life

You can find show notes and a complete transcript here:

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