What's Up in Business Travel - Jan 10, 2022


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Welcome to the BT360 Podcast: What’s Up in Business Travel for Week 1 of 2022. This is a weekly podcast where we update you on what’s up this week in the world of business travel. This podcast is great for those who need to know what’s happening all in less than 15 minutes.
Topics covered during this podcast -

  • More than 1,000 U.S. flights and 3,000 worldwide cancelled
  • CBRE upgrades US hotel forecast
  • Alaska Airlines cuts 10% of January schedule
  • CDC adds Aruba to Level 4
  • Hong Kong to ban flights from US
  • UK government scraps pre-departure tests
  • Aeromexico cancels flights after pilots test positive
  • FCM parent company acquires Shep
  • Aventri and MeetingPlay Merge
  • South African Airways and Kenya Airways to Establish ‘Pan-African Airline’
  • Easy Avenues forges partnership with Trees4Travel
  • UK's Eton Travel Group acquired by TakeTwo
  • Allegiant order more than 100 Boeing 737 MAX
  • Malaysia's launches new commercial airline
  • Avelo receives more funding
  • All Nippon Airways the timeliest global airline in 2021
  • SAP Concur & Airbnb sever ties
  • GM to launch autonomous vehicles by 2025

Tune in every Monday morning to get your weekly update. We hope you will make this a regular part of your week and listen in while you on the move or sitting back and sipping your coffee. You can subscribe to this podcast by searching BusinessTravel360 on Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, iHeart, Pandora or Spotify.
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