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We had the pleasure of interviewing The National Parks over Zoom video!
Folk-influenced male/female indie pop band The National Parks has released the official music video for their latest single, “Live Til We Die,” off their recently released album, A Mix For The End Of The World – Part 1. The fun and colorful visual, directed by Cameron Gade with cinematographer Spencer Goff, sees the Provo, UT-based quartet take a step back in time to a 1980s-style late night talk show.
On the heels of the album’s release earlier this month, The National Parks successfully launched their very own curated festival experience, Superbloom Music Festival, on Saturday, October 9th . The first-ever event took place under the stars near Zion National Park at Sand Hollow Resort in Southern Utah in front of a soldout crowd of nearly 2,000. Created by the band as a celebration of life and music set amid a beautiful location, Superbloom featured performances from Yoke Lore, Joseph, Joshua James, Ellee Duke, Brother. and Arbour Season before The National Parks closed out the day-long extravaganza.
A Mix For The End Of The World – Part 1, released October 8th, marks the first half of the independent band’s two-part digital-only project, which will see Part 2 released in early 2022. The 8-track collection, recorded at June Audio and produced and mixed by their longtime collaborator Scott Wiley, also features the singles “Headlights,” “Summer Bird” and “UFO,” the latter of which was recently featured on Ones To Watch’s Now Playing playlist.
A Mix For The End Of The World follows The National Parks’ critically acclaimed 2020 album Wildflower and continues to showcase the band’s sonic evolution and lead vocalist/guitarist Brady Parks’ deep and heartfelt songwriting.
Since emerging in 2013 with their introductory album Young, The National Parks — Brady Parks [guitar, vocals], Sydney Macfarlane [keys, vocals], Cam Brannelly [drums] and Megan Parks [violin] — have quietly grown into an independent phenomenon with roots embedded in blissful pop, cinematic electronics, organic orchestration, and rock energy. The four-piece has racked up over 150 million total streams, sold out headlining shows across the country, toured with Andy Grammer, Peter Bjorn and John and WILD, and performed at KAABOO Del Mar, SXSW and CMJ.
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