GTR-178 The Bluegrass Way of Life


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The Bluegrass Way of Life

After a bit of talk about starting seeds for the garden and an Amateur Radio event, I bring you Heather's (see episode 177) response to my advice regarding my Personal Feedback Solution. The String Changing Exercise I speak of is available free over on my Patreon page. Here is a link:

Also, at the start of this episode, Mr. Buck again announces a nice discount on one of my instructional courses. For all of you bass players or wannabee bass players, please take advantage of this 20% discount off my Complete Bluegrass Bass Learning System. Use coupon code "bass20" before Jan. 31, 2021 and save a pile of bucks!

And, then I get into the heart of the matter. Just what is "the bluegrass way of life"? It's a long rambling discussion of the many ways which bluegrass can bring out the best in us. I hope you enjoy it and I appreciate your support for this podcast.


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