#34: Building a Buyable Business with Joe Newton


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In this episode, we get to discuss building a buyable business with Joe Newton!

Joe is a business process consultant who works with companies in industries ranging from construction to real estate, to educational services. He is also a gifted connector who loves using his experience, skills, and relationships to empower and develop other entrepreneurs and business owners to advance the Kingdom of God. He endeavors to epitomize excellence, integrity, and joy in everything he does.

Aside from consulting, Joe is a licensed real estate broker, investor, and co-host of The Eternal Entrepreneur Podcast, a podcast focused on helping entrepreneurs find freedom through partnering with God in their business. His vision is to empower 10,000 business leaders to partner with God and run profitable businesses. Joe currently lives in Allen, TX, with his amazing wife and toddler.

In this episode, we go through how to start growing and scaling your business with God’s help and how to bring your business to where you want it to be through documented systems and processes.

Feel free to follow more from Joe at www.eijsystems.com/biblicalbusiness and schedule a free consultation with him there if you’d like!

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God Bless!

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/F-fNlKIPIhU

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