Yurri is back, singing a Ding A Ling song.


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Just when you thought it was all over in 2021, Yurri has returned to the show with sounds from his club and Gods only knows were from, in tow are his guests.
Yurri sings a little ditty in the likes of Chuck Berry, My Ding A Ling and yes its a crazy round of silliness and randomness, music and more, I have promised from the get go I would let go once and awhile and breach my brain, lol
Various quick music drops in his club, sounds of the guard dogs and plenty of laughs to go around, I enjoy doing these skits, they are the most fun, its even more challenging to do under the weather, yet here I am, bringing the heat to you, my podcast family.
Enjoy, laugh, cringe or run away, far away from this podcast, lol.
Love, peace and harmony to you and yours in this crazy world.
Thank you so kindly for all your subscriptions and downloads.
Fantastic intro and outro, compliments of fifth quarter, Toronto Ontario.

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