The Boogie Man Cometh.


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My continued march forward with silly and serious. This very moment and beyond we live and will exist in a science non fiction world full of restrictions, chaos, social collapse, environmental effects, screw the lockdown, variants, Christmas, Xmas defiance, flu, cold and multinational pandemic rebellion. "Viruses the new God's"
2022 global citizens will see who the Boogie man is, vaccinated and not, will find common ground and realize they have been put against eachother Used to stir up the pot and help create the path to absolute social controll and subjugation.
Will you pay 9 dollars a loaf of bread and so on? We knew it was coming, society let the powers that be spend an incredible "Copious" amount of money on Pandemic and still doing it.
They are coming to collect, they have changed our lives forever.....
Worlds industrial military complex is pushing us into a real life apocalyptic scenario, no BS!
Not the future you wanted eh?
Take care, be safe, healthy and remember "The future actually belongs to natural world and us all, not a handful of heads at a table"
Fantastic intro and outro, compliments of fifth quarter, Toronto Ontario.

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