Dystopia realities.


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Not everything is ok, we are coming to a head, the way we knew it, is not the world waiting, brother v brother, sister v sister, science fiction is now fiction, 2022 the year of chaos, passports, poke, needle, no vax, yes vax, hate needs our confusion, anarchy is smiling upon us, we are stronger in the light, divided govt, divided world, media hype and pretending all is good, we have to be responsible and not become puppets for either side, we will not fall gracefully, jobs are lost, savings used, people becoming vexed.
It's not always silly time sometimes we need to talk straight and real about the issues now and on its way.
Take care, be safe and do love the best you can, tomorrow is a new day.

Fantastic intro and outro, compliments of fifth quarter, Toronto Ontario.

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