2017-2018 Bassline Jam Awards [EP 26]


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Bassline Jam Award Show for the 2017-2018 regular season. Categories: -MVP -Future MVP -Best Player On A Bad Team -Worst Player On A Good Team -Rookie of the Year -Rookie of the Year not named Ben or Donavan -The Pause Award (Most Fun To Play With) -Least Fun To Play With -Best in Game Dunker -Best in Game Passer -House of Highlights MVP -What The Hell Happened To You This Season? (Good & Bad) -You’re Washed Award -The Jump Award -DOPY -All NBA teams There’s nothing else to say here…tune in for the GEMS! this week's Jam Session: Tom Misch - Movie stay posted w/ our 'Jam Session' playlist on Spotify: open.spotify.com/user/v8f28whdw5l…ELbLJjZwB6Kj8N5I thanks to our sponsors! - DRAFT (www.draft.com) Come and join me on DRAFT today! Download the app any time – just search DRAFT in your app store and join a game in minutes! Or play right from your computer on draft.com – whatever you want! For a limited time only, all new players get a FREE entry into a draft when you make your first deposit! But you have to use our promo code 'BLJAM'. That’s right – play a real money game for free just for using our promo code 'BLJAM' on your first deposit on draft! - 5 Star Vintage (www.5starvintage.com) the very best vintage clothing at an affordable price. use our discount code 'JAM' FOR 15% off your order. Get in touch if you have any comments / questions / requests! twitter.com/basslinejampod instagram.com/basslinejam

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