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We're very sad to announce that Auspol Snackpod is coming to an end. We've got a regular news episode for you this week, then next week will be some kind of special finale episode. It's your LAST CHANCE to send us potlucks about news, politics, or memes, or really anything and we'd really love to hear from you so PLEASE record yourself speaking for a minute and send it to us at contact@auspolsnackpod.com.

We also have another bonus episode to do and our plan is to answer EVERY SINGLE QUESTION OR REQUEST all in one bonus episode so please suggest topics! Even if you're a $1 patron, this is a liquidation sale, EVERY TOPIC MUST GO!

We have a couple more episodes in the works, and some schemes for the future, but this is the end of Snackpod as a weekly news / current affairs-ish sort of show. It's been our absolute pleasure and honour to make the show for you all and we can't thank you enough for tuning in every week and supporting us with your time and haha reaccs.

Well, we still have this episode for news, politics, and memes, so this week we're serving up...

Positivity Corner: SEQUR, a staunch QLD renters union, block the eviction of a disability pensioner.

Election Section: Unfortunately Clive's huge spend technically got a result as Rrrrrrrralph Babet has been elected UAP senator for Victoria (sorry). Lambie also got a new senator, Tammy Tyrrell (not to be confused with Tammi Terrell).

Fashy Australia: Labor is going ahead with Liberal debt recovery plans to punish people on welfare. Also a change in how mutual obligations work.

First Nations: Seven artefacts have been returned from the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection to the Walpiri people. Now do it for the 2200 other items.

Climate Cookies: Sam sent us another awesome potluck about offset mechanisms and useless "limits" on emissions.

ACAB: NSW govt and police are targeting Blockade Australia activists in pretty horrible ways. You can support them here: https://chuffed.org/project/blockade-australia-support-fundraiser

Potluck: Josh tells us about libraries (and a way to contain the evil power emanating from this piece of Gina Rinehart's soul)

SPOTW: The future is now

Business: Don't follow us, that's silly. Just send us your bonus episode suggestions and your final potlucks!

And you'll just have to wait til the end for our Penultimate Pupdate!

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