141 - Insouffletion


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Get your mowers going because it's a long episode this week. We're serving up:

Aperitifs: Shoutouts to Loud, Angry and Not Sorry for their recent episode with Celeste Liddle, listen here: https://loudandangry.podbean.com/e/feminist-baddies-with-celeste-liddle/

Also, the Government's reduction in the fuel excise has left truck drivers with almost nothing.

Mains: What is an inflation? What is an interest rate? What the hell is everyone talking about?

Positivity Corner: All the men held in Park Hotel Prison have been released!

First Nations: Two Indigenous senators from the Greens went to Hakea prison for a meeting; they were escorted out by police.

Fashy Australia: Clive Palmer lies blatantly about all the anti-semites he associates with. Also Craig Kelly got egged lmao. Read Tom Tanuki's piece here: https://independentaustralia.net/politics/politics-display/clive-palmer-must-answer-for-uap-antisemitism,16232

SPOTW: Everyone keeps piling it on Morrison, hilariously. Also there's more news about his alleged corruption and racism, woo

Blurst Take: The Greens are struggling yet again with transphobes in Victoria. Read more here: https://twitter.com/epistemophagy/status/1510084272585347076

And you'll just have to listen to the end for our Pupdate!

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