137 - BakedBeans ft. Jo


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Zac's away having fun or something so earlier in the week I sat down with Jo, host of the Chronically Fully Sick podcast to snack down on the news and memes.

There's been a LOT of news since we recorded, especially the murder trial for a police officer in the NT, which we will definitely talk about next time. So just a warning that there might be some things you expect us to discuss that we do not.

This week Jo and Noon are serving up...

Aperitifs: International Women's Day and Labour Day!

First Nations / Blurst Take: For the first time ever, Victorian First Nations groups are getting a water allocation from the Murray Darling. It's historical but also pretty miniscule.

SPOTW: Sonic erotica. Need we say more? Shoutouts Liam for the layup/assist.

Fashy Australia: Ever heard of BusyBeans? No? Well, ever heard of soul destroying fake "employment training providers"? No? Well, ever heard of brutal corruption and exploiting disabled people for financial gain? Ever heard of the NDIS and the Minister blatantly lying?

And you'll have to listen to the end for our Pupdate!

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