114 - Hummus & Rice Commissioner


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Welcome back to another serving of Snackpod! We're trying things a little differently so we're starting off this week with...

Aperitifs: Matthew Guy is back; Lyle Shelton is disendorsed by God; Women's Safety Summit was pretty depressing (more of this in the next story); Kristina K Keneally is parachuted into the Lower House.

Fashy Australia: (CW from 13:30-24:30 to for discussion of sexual assault and systemic misogyny) The Human Rights Commission job has been handed to Lorraine Finlay, a terrible conservative Liberal from WA. We also talk about Scott Morrison not just abdicating responsibility to deal with violence against women, but he's actively making things worse.

First Nations/Positivity Corner: Two First Nations women are standing as Greens candidates. Dorina Cox will replace Rachel Siewert in the Federal Senate, while Dianne Stokes has just been elected to the Barkly Regional Council in the NT.

SPOTW: We have a load of posts! Shoutouts to Steph, Effy, and Frank, with whatever the opposite of a shoutout is to Julian Burnside.

Potluck: this is the segment where we hear from our audience! This week we have a great potluck from Jack (listen to him on the Spooky Speaks podcast!) about Universities and their crappy employment practices.

Mains: The High Court - Australia's highest court, dontchaknow - has ruled that media companies are at least potentially liable for defamatory statements made on their Facebook posts. We discuss it from a few different angles.

And you'll have to wait until the end for our Pupdate!

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