Where Are They Now? Jackie Bolen


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#1254 Today, we're bookending 2022 with an absolutely incredible Where Are They Now? session. Don't miss this one because my returning guest has accomplished something I genuinely didn't think was possible. Jackie Bolen of ESLspeaking.org has written and published over one hundred books in her niche. That's insane! I had to reconnect with her to learn about the systems she has in place that allow her to be so prolific. You'll hear all about that in this episode. What might surprise you is just how powerful and replicable these business basics can be. We've had Jackie on episodes 1003, 1046, 1147, and 1189. The evolution is incredible and a perfect example of what can happen if you apply the simple tactics we often discuss here. Jackie is now in a fantastic position where her business might be ready for sale. Listen in to find out exactly how she did it! Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/ap1254.

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