Top Cognitive Biases for Salespeople to Master: Seven Through Twelve


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In our previous episode, John Asher covered the 6 Most Important Cognitive Biases a Salesperson Must Overcome.

In this episode, John talks about the next six cognitive biases out of the 47 that pertain directly to sales and marketing:

  • Status Quo Bias
  • Rationale and Consistency Biases that go together
  • Clear Distinction Bias
  • Active Emotional Engagement Bias
  • Commitment Bias

John also went over the best architecture of a customer story.

  • Start with the buyer's need and any emotions expressed by them
  • Relate the story directly to the buyer
  • Include the details of how you helped them so they can see you were really involved
  • Include the financial benefit the buyer got
  • Tell the story about how the buyer's emotion was at the end.


Listen to the first part of this series here:

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