Digital Strategy: How Elite B2B Competitors Get It Right and How You Can Too


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You might be in the majority if you think B2B digital strategies don’t work. And you’d be wrong. The reason is that it’s hard to get them right. Let’s say you already (1) have access to people who know what they’re doing in the digital realm and (2) your systems are driving leads to operationally functional sites. That’s good. You’re avoiding two common problems in this arena. But what about the biggest problem: failure to have a solid B2B digital strategy?


This Asher Sales Sense Podcast – “Digital Strategy: How Elite B2B Competitors Get It Right and How You Can Too” - features host John Asher with guest John Edwards, Executive Vice President at Communica, helping companies with digital marketing and sales initiatives. His areas of focus include strategic consulting, digital tools, and platform integration, including marketing automation, CRM, social media, and content development - all designed to accelerate marketing and sales.

Why is your B2B digital strategy so important? How has the pandemic affected digital strategies? What makes up a digital strategy - what does it encompass? What might a digital framework consist of? What content is included in a properly constructed digital plan? What about investment? And how about performance? Listen in to learn the answers to these questions so you can get your digital strategy right and stay in the fight.

Asher Sales Sense is hosted by John Asher and Kyla O’Connell of ASHER Strategies which is a program on the Funnel Radio Channel. ASHER Strategies is the sponsor of ASHER Sales Sense.

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