Building Sales Pipeline with Cold Calling, Podcasts, and Video


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This Asher Sales Sense Podcast - “Building Sales Pipeline with Cold Calling, Podcasts, and Video” - features host John Asher with guest Collin Mitchell, Chief Revenue Officer of Salescast, the only fully-managed tech and service stack offering an end-to-end thought leadership platform. Collin Mitchell is also the host of the Sales Transformation Podcast.

Many sales professionals believe that cold calling is dead, that podcasts don’t bring revenue, and video is a waste of money. Collin Mitchell gives examples of why these commonly-held beliefs are false. It’s all in how these messaging technologies are applied, not in the capabilities themselves.

  • How can you identify which people will pick up the phone?
  • Are there automated ways to help you get more phone connections?
  • Which people listen to podcasts and watch videos?
  • Do “blended” approaches work? With whom?
  • What is “intent data” and what value does it have?
  • Is it possible to research podcasts to get inside the C-Suite?
  • Do you know what podcasts your clients listen to?
  • How effective is the use of video in the first sales touch?
  • Can you use video to help your coaches sell for you inside their companies?

Listen to the answers of these questions and learn new ways to build more pipeline by turning your sales craft into sales art.

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