Kyle Rittenhouse Testifies in His Own Defense


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Kyle Rittenhouse, the armed Illinois teenager who killed two people and wounded another during unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, testified in his own defense during his trial on homicide charges. At one point, the 18-year-old broke down while describing the night of the shooting. He said under oath that he didn’t intend to kill anyone but agrees he used “deadly force.” Paul Callan is a criminal defense attorney and a former homicide prosecutor. He joins Anderson Cooper to discuss the defense’s decision to put Rittenhouse on the stand and says he was “very surprised at how remarkably effective he was as a witness.”

Plus, sources tell CNN the House committee investigating January 6 is interested in gathering information from at least five members of former Vice President Mike Pence’s inner circle. Jamie Gangel tells Anderson who the committee hopes to speak to and whether or not some Pence aides would be willing to cooperate.

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