Ajax Diner Book Club Episode 205


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Bing Crosby "Try A Little Tenderness"
Ruth Brown "Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean"
Hank Williams "Long Gone Lonesome Blues"
Eilen Jewell "Hallelujah Band"
John Hammond "Murder In The Red Barn"
Langhorne Slim "Alligator Girl"
Ted Hawkins "North to Alaska"
Martha Carter "I'm Through Crying"
THE BLACK CROWES "She Gave Good Sunflower"
Steve Earle "Now She's Gone"
James McMurtry "Song for a Deck Hand's Daughter"
Geeshie Wiley "Last Kind Word Blues"
Lucinda Williams "Can't Let Go"
The Wandering "Old Joe Clark"
Freddy King "Have You Ever Loved A Woman"
Hank Penny And His California Cowhands "What She's Got Is Mine"
Little Miss Jessie "My Baby Has Gone"
Lyle Lovett "If I Had a Boat"
Howlin' Wolf "Sugar Mama (Live 1963)"
Buddie Emmons "Bluemmons"
Joan Shelley "We’d Be Home"
Lucero "The Only One"
Little Willie John "Fever"
George Jones "White Lightning"
Benny Goodman & His Orchestra "Your Mother's Son-In-Law"
Slim Harpo "Buzz Me Babe"
Loretta Lynn "Heartaches Meet Mr. Blues"
Neko Case "Deep Red Bells"
Bo Diddley "Pretty Thing"
Bonnie Raitt "Give It up or Let Me Go"
Jimmy & Mama Yancey "Santa Fe Blues"
Gillian Welch "I Had a Real Good Mother and Father"
Jimmie Rodgers "Long Tall Mama Blues"
Arthur Crudup "That's Alright Mama"
Satan and Adam "Crawdad Hole"
"Sweet" Emma Barrett and Her Dixieland Boys "I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None of This Jelly Roll"
Bob Dylan "Floater (Too Much to Ask)"
Trixie Butler "You Got The Right Key"
Pearl Reaves "Step It Up And Go"
Pearl Reaves "You Can't Stay Here"
Pearl Reeves And The Concords "You Can't Stay Here"
Milton Brown "Easy Ridin' Papa"
Albert King "I'll Play The Blues For You (Album Version - (Parts 1 & 2))"
Andrew Bird "Fake Palindromes"
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys "Steel Guitar Rag"
Reverend Gary Davis "Motherless Children"
Blue Lu Barker "Loan Me Your Husband (03-21-49)"
Tom Waits "Tom Traubert's Blues (Four Sheets To The Wind In Copenhagen)"
Bessie Smith "I Used to Be Your Sweet Mama"
Beastie Boys "Slow and Low"

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