The New Age of HR with HR Consultant at ViewHR, Heidi Roper #S2E10


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In today’s world where hybrid models of working seem inevitable for a majority of businesses, implementing the best practices for both your business and your team is vital to your continued success!

ViewHR’s Heidi Roper has seen the impact of 2020 on a great number of businesses, and is well aware of the risks around new hires, remote working and tweaking meetings for virtual platforms.

Heidi joins Nick Gregory for this edition of The Dorset Growth Hub Podcast as part of the Culture & The Future Workplace month to share her insights into the fresh challenges faced in the HR space.

This episode of The Dorset Growth Hub Podcast covers:

  • The value of trust in a successful remote team
  • Considering staff in your business plans, not just the business itself
  • Addressing a shortage in workforces in the wake of furlough schemes
  • Hiring new staff virtually
  • Focussing on an infrastructure that avoids discrimination or bias
  • An outlook on future hybrid models of remote working

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