Choose Happy with Marie Show, How to Live the Life You Want, Feel Confident and, Stop Negative Thinking


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Is implementing healthy habits in your daily life a challenge despite the self-help books you’re reading, or the You Tube videos you’re watching? Do you sometimes find yourself thinking negatively, and then you start focusing on negative things in your life? Are you so busy dealing with everyone else’s expectations of you – family, friends, work - with no time or energy left for you to do what makes YOU happy? In this podcast, you will find everyday living ideas for living a happy life TODAY. My mission is to equip you to start choosing happy in living your life through connecting to who you are and empowering you to follow through on what you want for you life. You’re going to do this by first feeling worthy of living a happy life, implementing healthy habits in your schedule and adopting a positive mindset, including using affirmations. If you’re wanting to finally let go of the negativity and the limiting stories that stand in your way of living a happy life today, you’re in the right place! Hi, I’m Marie – a working Mom of 2 young adult kids and one loyal Cockapoo dog, wife to a busy entrepreneur, and author of the Choose Happy affirmation cards. For the majority of my life, I lived with negativity that was often labelled as depression, triggered by childhood trauma. Limiting stories stood in my way of living a fulfilling life. A breakthrough happened when I took my power back. I stopped listening to others who I thought knew more than I did, and I started teaching myself what it means to live a happy life. Through implementing healthy habits, saying positive affirmations and making what I wanted a priority, I started to finally feel happy. I’m here to share all that I learned so that you too can break free from the negativity and live a happy life. If you have the desire to explore what living a happy life according to what matters to you can look like ... with solutions that you can follow through in your everyday living, and results that include improved self esteem, guilt free and purposeful living, and feeling truly happy - this podcast is for YOU! Let’s do this, no more negativity, we’re choosing happy! Cheers, Marie Website: Face Book Community: Instagram: @choosehappywithmarie Email:

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