Health Innovation Matters


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Health Innovation Matters is a biweekly, 30-minute podcast focusing on the next generation of healthcare innovators and movers-and-shakers who are disrupting the healthcare space. This podcast is all about increasing awareness of future health trends, accelerating technologies, and art and design perspectives. The podcast also provides a forum for elevating public discourse on ways healthcare can be more accessible, less costly, and more efficient. You'll hear about dynamic collaborations, breathtaking technological breakthroughs, and cutting edge developments in the newest medical fields, including regenerative medicine, digital health, precision health, advanced cellular therapies, advances in nutrition, nutrigenomics and sustainable energy as it pertains to creating a health future that is equitable. You'll hear from innovators, entrepreneurs, leaders, decision-makers, policymakers, educators, investors, and inventors. This is a health innovation podcast about results, about success stories, about possibilities.

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