Keep Things Simple and Swim Your 2 Lengths with Guest Mentor Chris Cook


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The 2-lengths philosphy was born during Chris's career as an Olympic swimmer. He reached a point when he was overcomplicating his job, or rather, his ego was. Once he realized his job was to swim 2 lengths of the pool as fast as he could, then his career took off. Today Chris helps athletes and entrepreneurs apply this 2-lengths philosophy to transform their level of performance. [About] After competing for Great Britain for nearly 10 years Chris retired from international swimming and began working with organisations to help inspire, mentor and coach people to embrace ‘challenge and change’ for their optimal performance. Chris has built a reputation as a motivational speaker and has shared his story with over 400,000 people. Chris designed and delivered an Olympic Inspiration Programme to schools across Kent (UK) which reached over 300 schools spanning 6 years and became a qualified mentor and coach. Chris and his wife Erica run "Swim Buddies," teaching young children to swim. He's passionate about people development and believes that when you put people first it attracts success. [10-Minute Challenge] Discover your 2-lengths. [Connect] *** Want more training and free coaching tools? Go to: --- Support this podcast:

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