How to Cultivate Promising Relationships During Uncertain Times with Danny Davis


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The pandemic and other events of 2020 have created high levels of stress and worry for many people. When looking at our businesses and personal relationships moving forward, we need to bring empathy and understanding to the core of how we connect more than ever. This episode explores ways you can authentically engage with your clients during these difficult times. [About] Danny Davis is the Owner & Broker of San Diego Brokerage in Encinitas, CA. San Diego Brokerage is the culmination of Danny’s experiences over nearly two decades in residential real estate. San Diego Brokerage helps home sellers and buyers analyze the financial and emotional/lifestyle elements of a move while going above and beyond to make the process easy for them every step of the way. Danny’s focus is on cultivating long-term relationships with his clients, building trust for help, advice, and referrals long after the sale is complete. Danny and his clients build a life-long bond predicated on reliability, reciprocity, and genuine connection, which is a key attribute to Danny’s value proposition for success. [10-Minute Challenge] Have a meaningful conversation with someone that doesn't include serving your business interests. [Connect] Website: FB: IG: *** Like what you hear and want more free coaching tools? Go to: --- Support this podcast:

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