Ep. 28 - Engaging the Choir with Kinesthetic Learning - Reed Criddle


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"If you can give students really clear directions about what they're doing with their bodies at all times, then their minds are much more likely to be focused. By the end of the rehearsal, there's all this energy. That comes if you're able to grab their attention and have everyone participate in a visual and kinesthetic way."
Dr. Reed Criddle is Director of Choral Activities at Utah Valley University, where he conducts the Chamber Choir and Men's Choir and teaches conducting and voice. In recognition of his innovative pedagogy and professional work as a composer and conductor, Utah Valley University has presented him with the School of the Arts Dean’s Award, two Faculty Senate Excellence Awards, and the Presidential Fellowship Award.
As a conductor and U.S. Fulbright Senior Scholar, he has directed ensembles, conducted research, and led workshops throughout Europe, Asia, Cuba, and the United States. Dr. Criddle has served as president of the Utah chapter of the American Choral Directors Association. UVU choirs under his direction have performed many times at the national conference of NCCO, the western division conference of ACDA, and state conferences of the ACDA and NAfME.
Dr. Criddle’s compositions have been performed worldwide by a large variety of ensembles like Musikhochschüle Lübeck Kammerchor (Germany), Beijing Queer Chorus (China), Hollywood Master Chorale (California), National University of Singapore International Festival Chorus, and Auckland Welsh Choir (New Zealand). He has recently guest-lectured at institutions such as the Hochschüle für Musik Franz Liszt Weimar (Germany), California State University (Los Angeles), Taipei University of the Arts (Taiwan), Foguangshan Buddhist College (Taiwan), and the Technical University of Kenya. His compositions and arrangements are available through Earthsongs, Hal Leonard, Santa Barbara Music Publishing, and North Star Music.
He is a graduate of Stanford University, the Eastman School of Music, and the University of Michigan.
To get in touch with Reed, you can find him on Facebook (@reed.criddle) or Instagram (@reedcriddle).
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