Ep. #111 Cody Matthews and Brent Walter


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Today we have Cody “Mad Cat” Matthews and Brent Walter. Cody is a professional mma fighter out of the Frostburg area. He trains at Ryoma Academy of Mixed Martial Arts. Brent Walter is a former Pro Lightweight MMA competitor and Jiu-Jitsu brown belt. Following a stint playing collegiate football, he found success winning local WV Toughman tournaments, competing in BJJ, while earning an amateur lightweight title in MMA. He is the co-owner & instructor at Ryoma Academy of Martial Arts and works as a licensed mental health therapist for juvenile delinquent offenders outside the gym.We are also joined by a special guest Co-host Josiah Wilder who is the guitarist for Phantom Hourglass. We discuss his career, how he got into fighting, and much more.
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