What It Takes To Start A New Business


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Ever wondered what it really takes to start a new business?
Perhaps you're sitting in a 9-5 job right now stuck and pondering your next move... could it be your own business??
Maybe you are anxious about revamping or pivoting in your existing business.
On today's episode of the UNLOCKED show your host Tracy Wilson and special guest Kelsey Knutson will share with you what it takes to start your own business.
KELSEY KNUTSON: Is a six-figure hair salon owner turned business coach with a passion for pivots
✨Key Points From this Episode
04:35 Be Honest with your WHY! ~ Kelsey Knutson
08:40 Lockdowns provided space to explore things we always say we'll do when we have time
10:13 Seek out mentors for tough love and accountability
16:18 Nurture your audience
21:20 Do the WHY exercise
24:10 Coach Leadership Style
25:58 90% of People DON'T finish courses
28:23 How to determine what type of Business to Start?
42:30 3 Tips to Keep it Simple When Starting Your Business

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