Follow your Passion episode 33 - If you want something, you need to put effort and energy towards that, Vanessa Ringel


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"If you want something, you need to put effort and energy towards that" - Vanessa Ringel
Please meet my guest, manifestation and love coach Vanessa Ringel. Vanessa started her career in marketing and when she was the head matchmaker at Three Day Rule Inc, she was infused with a deep understandingof dating and relationships. After overseeing 100's of client matches and events, she realized it's really and inside out job. when you're in alignment that's when love manifests.
That lead to the start of her company Gravitas in June 2016. Vanessa is trained in spiritual psychology, hypnotherapy, holds a Master Certification in NLP and has an MBA as well. We had a really great conversation, I hope she inspires you too.
For more info on Gravitas, please go to

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