Episode 2: Don't Dilute Yourself


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If something is diluted it can mean it is weaker and less effective. But what about as a person?When a person dilutes themselves it is their identity, their confidence, their values, beliefs and energy that is impacted. In this podcast I cover signs you may be diluting who you are personally and in business. You may be toning yourself down for fear of what others may say or to 'fit-in' with people and worried about being accepted for who you are. Living your life not being true to who you are and will lead to you denying yourself a life where you feel comfortable in your own skin and appreciate all parts of what makes you unique.Begin to appreciate the full-undiluted version of yourself and just how many benefits this can bring such as stronger relationships, self-confidence letting go of fears that have held you back until this point. You are exactly who you are meant to be and are remarkable. Note: If you are experiencing emotional or mental distress, please ensure you seek professional guidance. The information in this podcast is not intended to replace professional medical or psychological advice. The content is based upon the author’s personal and professional experiences, opinions and qualifications.

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