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#44: Step into the game with the MA girls for a political conversation covering the latest current events with the OG digital soldiers: James from We The People Radio and Vance, the man behind the account Sh33pn0m0r3. You can check out We The People Radio Podcast, which helps sift through the lies of the main stream media (MSM) and uncovers the lies meant to deceive and control us. Then head over to SH33PN0M0R3 TH3 P0DC4ST, an audio safe space for truth seekers, truth speakers, freedom fighters, risk takers, and fake news media narrative breakers.

Some topics discussed include:

Current events, politics, civil discourse, shadow banning, cancel culture, leaked emails, recent document release, bio weapons, Roe v. Wade, pro-choice/pro-life, riot season, 2000 Mules, conservative movement, establishment conservatives, anti-human agenda, population control, clinical trials, infertility, fires at food manufacturing plants, Beyond Meat, GMOs, bug protein, pedophile rings, first red pills, search for truth, 9/11, secret societies, Bill Cooper, Alex Jones, the Internet as the great equalizer, censorship, Hunter Biden’s laptop, Disinformation Governance Board, Internet blackout, Ukraine, propaganda, Durham, fog of war, food shortages, Federal Reserve, central bank, Crypto, Blockchain technology driving next step in human evolution, crypto regulation, inflation, Bitcoin, privacy coins, secured party creditor, Robert Dunlap, trust law, word magic, metacoin, Bingo culture, preparing for what’s to come, and so much more.
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