Is Your Self Worth Trashed? - Tressa Yonekawa Bundren


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Host: Heather Johnston
Guest: Tressa Yonekawa Bundren
Our conversation on this episode of the podcast is a juicy one, self worth, and society's wiring to pay attention to the trauma. A salve for our anxiety is to seek out the beauty, wonder, and hope. We chat about if our self worth is trashed, how we can learn to be more inclusive, and that we, as humans, all long to be seen as able, capable, and successful.
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Tressa's Bio: Have you had a bad boss? Do you want more happiness in relationships? I’m with you. I’ve been fascinated by connection and leadership for decades, after being turned down for my first business loan in college when I wanted to start a medical staffing company. So I became a dominatrix, finished graduate school for neurogenic communication, learned how to meditate, and started a multi-state staffing and consulting company. As an international author, consultant, and speaker on inclusive leadership and healthy culture for boards and teams, I get to help people live incredible lives while continuing to learn. Honored to be a foster and adoption advocate, wife, and mom of daughters. Books in publication this year include: Listen, Leader: Leadership at the Edges of Future-Now and Elegant Exits: Strategic Inclusive Lifecycles.



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