138 - Albonana Smoothie


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Hello dear listener! We're back on our regular nonsense with a normal show for you all. This week we're serving up... Aperitifs: Kimberley Kitching has died, and the government has announced a one-off vote buying payment First Nations: (CW 7:30 - 23:35) the result of the Rolfe trial in NT Election Section: South Australia went to the polls! Positivity Corner: Star Casinos is getting absolutely hammered for their alleged massive crimes C is for Climate: Good news everyone! The Environment Minister doesn't need to consider Australian children when expanding coal mines. Potluck: Thanks to C for sending this in! My bad, and thanks C for the correction! If you have something you'd like to talk about on the show, please record yourself talking for about a minute and send it to us at contact@auspolsnackpod.com SPOTW: Real Smooth Albo UFU: The Women's network giant purple peen logo And you'll just have to listen to the end for our Pupdate! Support the show financially at www.patreon.com/AuspolSnackpod Watch Noon stream Hades n stuff at www.twitch.tv/NoonPlaysGames

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