HLFP Episode 9: Not All Wrestling Fans Are Large Men


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Hellooooooo Listeners! Do you not have the body the size of a large man? Have you ever been crestfallen after purchasing a wrestling product online and it arrives far too large for your body? Well then, our Wrestling Paraphernalia segment is for you! And if you are the size of a large man, listen anyway.
This week we are discussing what has happened in wrestling *prior to* AEW's Revolution. There is A LOT of WarDaddy talk here, because obviously it was gonna be his night. Sabrina & Megan will also touch on Corey & Carmella's new youtube show as well as the Wives of Wrestling Podcast hosted by Kim Orton & Giovanna Angle.
Nestled right in between all of this we will chat about the legend that was Luna Vachon. She was both ahead of her time & exactly where she needed to be to kick down doors for future generations.

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