The Cork NFT is Minted; Roy Bernhard on CG Weekly Livestream - Episode 18


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This week, Kurt Wuckert Jr. is back from the action-packed Coingeek conference in Zurich with thrilling updates. He begins the livestream with a story of how he minted an NFT of a cork from a champagne bottle he and Satoshi Nakamoto enjoyed after the close of the show on CoinGeek TV.
Giving credit where it is due, Kurt mentions how Brett Ban Fee of Fabriik suggested launching CoinGeek TV in November 2020. The idea comes to a reality as CoinGeek TV broadcast during the lunch breaks at the CoinGeek Zurich Conference and at the end of the show. “Ultimately, it was a smashing success,” Kurt said. He mentions how the CoinGeek team celebrated four million views of CG Zurich conference.
Also interviewed on the episode is Roy Bernhard, the CEO of Fabriik, who describes how the company and the name of the company came into existence. Roy explains products and services that Fabriik provides, including a non-custodial wallet and Portfolio Starter.
When asked, Roy shares that the BSV price would go up in the future. He describes how Fabriik uses BSV as a base data tool in many ways and thinks that the true value of digital assets is usability. Other digital currencies will end up hitting the ceiling artificially because they do not provide any value. But Fabriik’s goal is to build and naturally increase the value of BSV.

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