#29 - Mitchell Nicholas Gerber


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Mitchell Nicholas Gerber joins us to chat about the CCP sponsored organ harvesting and systematic take down of Falun Gong. In the first half we chat about his background, the many years he has spent investigating this massive problem, the modern practice of the ancient art, the Red Devil, no support from the Corporate Media, only support from the patriots, the UN stance on China, communist dictatorships, and the cancel culture rehearsal for mass murder. We also get into fleeing China, the CCP death knell, cultural marxism, past genocide’s, the military, Confucian Institute, the deep state, depopulation, credit scores and much more. In the second half we go a little deeper into the Spectre of Communism, the Vatican, the WHO, CCP buying adrenochrome, cyber warfare, UFO’s, totalitarian leadership through Covid, weaponizing fear, Tony Robbins, bodies for the Body World Exposition, orders for organs, this new form of evil, science and progress, propaganda, the ban and take down of Falun Gong (truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance), CCP funding politicians - Hollywood - Sports etc, destruction of mankind and how to become aware and get others to become aware of this modern genocide. Faluninfo.net Endtransplantabuse.org Dafh.org See links to stuff we chatted about in the show: https://www.swoopfilms.com/hard-to-believe-movie/ https://www.theepochtimes.com/how-the-specter-of-communism-is-ruling-our-world https://bodyworlds.com/ https://www.tonyrobbins.com/ Thank you for your support. To gain access to the second half of show and our Plus feed please clink the link http://www.grimericaoutlawed.ca/support. Help support the show because without your help we can’t continue to address these controversial topics. If you value this content with 0 ads, 0 sponsorships, 0 breaks, 0 portals and links to corporate websites, please assist. Many hours of unlimited content for free. Thanks for listening!! Support the show directly: https://www.patreon.com/grimericaoutlawed Get your Magic Mushrooms delivered from: Mushroom Spores, Spore Syringes, Best Spore Syringes,Grow Mushroom Spores Lab Other affiliated shows: https://www.13questionspodcast.com/ Our New Podcast - 13 Questions www.grimerica.ca The OG Grimerica Show Join the chat / hangout with a bunch of fellow Grimerican’s www.grimerica.ca/chats 1-403-702-6083 Call and leave a voice mail or send us a text GrimericaFM https://s2.radio.co/s053ed3122/listen Check out our next trip/conference/meetup - Contact at the Cabin www.contactatthecabin.com Leave a review on iTunes and/or Stitcher: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/grimerica-outlawed http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/grimerica-outlawed Sign up for our newsletter http://www.grimerica.ca/news SPAM Graham = and send him your synchronicities, feedback, strange experiences and psychedelic trip reports!! graham@grimerica.com InstaGRAM https://www.instagram.com/the_grimerica_show_podcast/ Tweet Darren https://twitter.com/Grimerica Connect through other platforms: https://www.reddit.com/r/grimerica/ https://gab.ai/Grimerica Purchase swag, with partial proceeds donated to the show www.grimerica.ca/swag Send us a postcard or letter http://www.grimerica.ca/contact/ ART Napolean Duheme's site http://www.lostbreadcomic.com/ MUSIC Tru North Felix’s Site sirfelix.bandcamp.com

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