Ep 36 | The Future of Insights & The Death of the Dashboard with Adrian Kingwell, CEO of Mezzo Labs


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In Episode 36 of Driven by Data: The Podcast, Kyle Winterbottom is joined by Adrian Kingwell, CEO of Mezzo Labs, where they discuss what the future of insight looks like and if we've seen the death of the dashboard, which includes:

  • His journey into running a successful Digital Analytics business
  • How staff churn was his biggest problem in the early days
  • Why actionable insights are the crown jewels of analytics
  • The importance of the presentation of insights
  • Why we spend too much time on Data Visualisation
  • How there is something missing “in the final mile” which makes insight actionable
  • How to be more data-driven by getting insight immediately to the point of action
  • Why self-serve is only as successful as the appetite to find insight
  • Push V Pull Culture
  • The Analytics Exoskeleton – delivering insights that empower individuals to make data-driven decisions
  • Why shift from traditional consultancy to a product-based business
  • Have we seen the death of the dashboard?
  • What the future of insights looks like
  • Why we should create a warehouse of insights that act as a playbook for stakeholders

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