Ep 35 | The Need for a Data NED with Caroline Worboys, Data, Digital & AI NED


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In Episode 35 of Driven by Data: The Podcast, Kyle Winterbottom is joined by Caroline Worboys, Data, Digital & AI NED, where they discuss why the Data, Analytics and AI industry needs independent NED's, which includes:

  • Why we need to be creative as well as analytical
  • The need to be outcome-focused but understanding how you'll get there
  • The Art of the Possible: Why business leaders often want us to provide insight to identify the opportunity
  • The role of corporate bias
  • Why budget ownership can create constraints for CDO’s
  • The golden question: What do you wish you could predict?
  • The importance of keeping it high-level for as long as possible
  • The role structure can play on how successful we are
  • The importance of helping business leaders prioritise
  • What it takes to be a successful NED
  • The benefit of being free from day-to-day constraints
  • Why you reap what you sow with regards to culture
  • Why context is so important even at the execution level

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