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Let's have a war... a spokenwar. Politics taken to an extreme. Worlds which aren’t, and never will be. Episodes will be short, so we encourage listening at 1X, as the vocal inflections are instrumental in telling the story. Also, the humor and farce are not discernible above 1X. New podcasts will be available at the end of the week. We encourage your participation and be reached on Twitter @spokenwar.
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Robert Aaron Long meets his maker - sort of. Program note. Robert Aaron Long was expelled from his church. It seems (from the church by-laws) that to be a member of the Crabapple Southern Baptist Church you have to be a sinner, but if you actually are a sinner you cannot be a member: church’s bylaws - https://www.crabapplefbc.org/s/CFBC-Bylaws-Rev-…
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