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Casey Affleck is an alleged sexual harasser and Mel Gibson is a confirmed anti-Semitic abusive drunk, and they’re both getting lots of love from Hollywood. Local expert in all things problematic Frankie comes back to the show to talk Manchester by the Sea and Hacksaw Ridge. Read MoreJared tarafından oluşturuldu
Whaddya know, the Academy can recognize black excellence in film, or at least enough to nominate three black-centric films: Hidden Figures, Fences, and Moonlight. Do any of these white-friendly black movies have what it takes to go all the way? How the hell should we know? We can only tell you if they are good, and spoil them thoroughly in the proc…
Closing thoughts on Sundance before we shift into low gear for the Oscar Best Picture race. From now until Oscar night we’ll be talking the 9 nominees for the big prize. Having already previously castigated the unaccountably nominated Arrival, we start with Hell or High Water. Read MoreJared tarafından oluşturuldu
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