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1692 in Salem, was a crazy time to be alive! Native tribal attacks, civil war brewing, trying to scratch a living from the land and then some bastard comes along and accuses you of witchcraft! Join us as we examine the cause and effects of the most famous witch trials in history. Was it all started because of food poisoning, smallpox, gossip or two…
What happened to the Jamisons on the fateful day that they loaded their truck to go off in search of their dreams? Theories range from drug deal gone bad, KKK, demonic possession and murder-suicide, to Mark's personal favourite... Bear attack. Listen as we stumble blindly through the evidence, and uncover no truths whatsoever.…
Natalie Wood was a beautiful Hollywood actress, who died tragically while on a yachting weekend. Was it an accident? Or were more sinister forces at play? With a cast that resembles a Bond movie, follow the events of her life leading up to the Thanksgiving weekend that was to be her last.Andy and Mark tarafından oluşturuldu
I mistakenly call Beverly Hills Ninja ‘The White Ninja’. Our sound engineer bleeps out the word fucking, Obi Nonce Kenobi makes an appearance and teaches us about masturbation and the force. James destrooooooooooooooooooooys Dan’s theory that famous people have better names and more nonsenseNoTalentJames tarafından oluşturuldu
We discuss Road House, and other movies. Dan has only seen Bruce Almighty. Cultural Refugees coming out of UK with a new non-woke, non-PC, podcast talking about absolutely nothing and everything all at once. Coming up with jokes/ doing impressions and telling stories. The usual podcast crap.NoTalentJames tarafından oluşturuldu
drank too much Rum. Sorry nerds, home advantage includes melting the opposition keeper with lasers. Euro 2020. Kane steps up to the penalty spot, a hand appears on his shoulder, he turns around and Gareth Southgate is dressed in his 1996 Umbro Away Kit... The rest? It's History.NoTalentJames tarafından oluşturuldu
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