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ZOO is a video call series wherein two characters are interacting with each other on video call about their problems faced during this lockdown in quarantine. Today we can realize that humans are locked up in their homes due to the spread of Covid-19 all over the world. Using technologies humans are able to contact their loved ones. ZOO is an Initiative by Dropout Media portraying the real scenes of humans today in this quarantine. ZOO is a seven episodic Video Call series where each episode has different situations and characters including a social message in every episode. It's an initiative to entertain, spread awareness, alertness, and positivity amongst the people while sitting at home amid lockdown. We assure you that all work of this series has been done Staying Indoors using their phones. We truly dedicate this series to all the people and frontline workers, working out there for saving our lives, especially the police, doctors, Government, and WHO. Much love and respect to all for their efforts

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