BE-ST Fest 2022 (a short intro to our ZAP mini series)


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Last week, we went to BE-ST Fest 2022, we've definitely mentioned it before. We mention it again because while we were there we took an opportunity to catch up with some of the speakers and some friends of the show.

So, we have a little episode with Sara, Alex, and Jeff to set the scene and introduce the series, as well as offering a little of their experiences having been there as host, panelist, and interviewer.

In this friendly natter we also discussed lighter topics including:

  • Did Jeff waffle on for 7 minutes, or was it 10?
  • The unexpected role the podcast had to play at BE-ST Fest
  • How pleased we were to have our first ever in-person podcast audience
  • What should they call next year's BE-ST Fest?

ICYMI - BE-ST Fest 2022 was a day of inspiring speakers, expo, demos, workshops, and other activities, aimed at promoting and advancing our journey to a zero carbon built environment.

Some references from the show

We don't actually earn anything from this, and it's quite a lot of work, so we have to promote the day jobs.


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