The Power of YouTube with Sagi Shilo


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Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a business owner, or a solopreneur, YouTube can be an invaluable resource. It’s the second most trafficked search engine in the world with over 2 billion users logging in each month. Its algorithm has the power to make and break careers–and in a number of unique ways, it can help you create a hugely memorable brand and reach customers.

Sagi Shilo knows this well. In the last five years, he started Tech Gear Talk, where he’s amassed nearly 300,000 subscribers and over 20 million views. He’s a good friend of mine, a long-term business partner, and a mentor.

In today’s episode, Sagi returns to the podcast to talk about why so many entrepreneurs are missing the boat when it comes to building a presence on YouTube, what they should be thinking about, and the first steps to take to create a powerful brand of your very own.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • Why your audience is on YouTube, no matter what you might think.
  • How Sagi took his knowledge of SEO and translated it to the world of YouTube to grow from one subscriber to 300,000.
  • The unique advantages of video over written content.
  • Why it’s okay if your first video doesn’t go viral and get millions of views–and how to build up a robust library of great content that adds real value to your viewers’ lives.
  • How to monetize your videos to create a new revenue stream.
  • Why you shouldn’t use a webcam to shoot your videos–and how to affordably get the gear you need to produce awesome-looking content.


  • “You don't need to be great to start, but you need to start to be great.” - Sagi Shilo

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